The Easiest and Fastest Way to Install and Deploy WordPress

Your time is money. How much time do you spend each day installing, configuring and deploying WordPress? How much time is that a week; a month; a year? Do you want to avoid wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks that are costing you money?

Create dozens of customised WordPress websites quickly. Deploy WordPress websites in minutes instead of hours? Run your WordPress installs anywhere – even a USB drive. Reclaim lost time by using WPDevMate as your WordPress developing environment.

What is WPDevMate?

WordPress Developers Mate (WPDevMate) is a companion for Web Designers and Developers that use WordPress on a regular basis; who spend valuable time in installing, configuring and deploying WordPress many, many times over; and want to cut their time down significantly by having a set of tools in one location that can do all the hard work for them? If this sounds like you, then you may have just found the solution you’re looking for.

Yes, I know what you are all thinking; it’s just another instantWP, or another DesktopServer. Don’t get me wrong – these are both superb products which we’ve used on a regular basis; however they don’t fully satisfy our developing requirements. We find that one will do what the other one doesn’t – and vice versa. That’s why we’ve combined their most useful features and put them into one convenient product.

Features at a glance

  • The Easiest and Fastest Way to Install and Deploy Your WordPress Projects
  • Portable – works on a USB key – no internet connection required!
  • Create dozens of WordPress web sites quickly and with ease
  • Create virtual servers for developing themes and plugins
  • Create backups of your WordPress websites for safe-keeping
  • Easily and quickly test a WordPress theme or plugin without fear of breaking your website
  • Take your WordPress creations from the desktop to a live web host in a fast and efficient manner – all from one interface!
  • Import and export your entire WordPress website creations
  • Share, archive, and copy configured websites

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Check out on the latest version of the core files onGitHub.

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WPDevMate Portable WordPress Server (Windows only)

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WPDevMate – Instant WordPress Portable Features

Download WPDevMate

Download the core files from GitHub.
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WPDevMate WAMP Server

WPDevMate WAMP Server includes:

NOTE: If you would prefer to run WPDevMate in your own server environment (MAMP, LAMP, WAMP etc.), download the core files from GitHub.
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